Generating Group and Published site configuration

Ivanti recommends generating a valid JSON with the Configuration Tool. This ensures that a valid JSON is configured in the Docs@Work for Android Enterprise app configuration.

To generate valid JSON configuration for a content site:

1. Complete the Docs@Work for Android Enterprise configuration without Group Site and Published Site configuration and apply to an Android Enterprise device.
2. In Docs@Work for Android Enterprise, go to Settings > Configuration Tool.
3. Click on the “+” icon to configure a content site.
4. Configure the Site Name, URL, including type of site (SharePoint or WebDAV), Sub domain, Authentication, Published Site, and Web View.
5. Add additional sites as needed.
6. Click on the upload icon at top of the screen to export the file.
7. Email the file to an email account from where it can be copied and pasted into the Groups Sites and Published Site Config fields.