What users see

Device user experience can be defined based on the key-value pairs the administrator configures.

For Android Enterprise devices, these features are enabled via configurations in the Docs@Work for Android Enterprise app configuration. Key-value pairs are not applicable to Android Enterprise devices.


If a site type is blocked, any sites of that type will be deleted from Docs@Work. This includes both Group and User sites. Blocked sites can be configured in the Docs@Work configuration on Ivanti EPMM; however, the site type will not be pushed to Docs@Work. Device users will not be able to add that site type to Docs@Work.

If SharePoint, Box, or Dropbox is blocked, the option will not be available when the device user tries to add a site.

If WebDAV is blocked, both Network Drive and Cloud storage options will not be available. All WebDAV and CIFS sites will be removed from Docs@Work.

If CIFS is blocked, the device user is presented with an error message when trying to add a CIFS site. Existing CIFS sites will be removed. WebDAV sites will not be removed. Network Drive and Cloud storage options will continue to be available when the device user tries to add a site.

Documents from the blocked sites marked as Starred, Offline or in Recents will be removed. Documents in My Files are not removed.

If you configure DISABLE_USER_SITES:

Device users will not see the option to add sites to Docs@Work.

User added sites will be removed.

Documents from User sites marked as Starred, Offline, or in Recents will be removed.

If you configure SUPPORT_EMAIL_ID:

The email address is automatically populated when the device user emails the device logs.


If the device user has already added more than the configured number, the latest sites will be deleted. Only the oldest sites up to the number configured will remain.

If the user tries to add more than the number specified for the site type, an error message is presented.

If you configure DISABLE_EDITING:

Disables editing in My Files and all content sites in Docs@Work.


The user name is automatically populated for that content site. The device user can replace the auto-filled user name with a different user name and sign in to the content site.