Configuring attachment control

Configuring email attachments to open in Docs@Work and encrypt, protects corporate data from being leaked.

Before you begin

A Standalone Sentry set up for ActiveSync is required to enable device users to open encrypted email attachments in Docs@Work.

See “Configuring Standalone Sentry for ActiveSync” in the Ivanti Standalone Sentry Guide for EPMM for information about how to set up a Standalone Sentry for ActiveSync.


  1. In the Admin Portal, go to Services > Sentry.
  2. Select the Standalone Sentry that handles email for the devices.
  3. Click the edit icon.
  4. In the section Attachment Control Configuration, select Enable Attachment Control.
  5. For iOS using native Email, select Open with Docs@Work and protect with encryption.
  6. Click Save.

For information on setting up Standalone Sentry and configuring attachment control, see “Email attachment control with Standalone Sentry ” in the Ivanti Standalone Sentry Guide for EPMM.

What users see

When the device user opens an email attachment,

  • the attachment is automatically downloaded to the Imported Files folder in My Files. An Imported Files folder is automatically created if one did not already exist.
  • if the document type is supported, the attachment is automatically opened for viewing.