Content sites

Content sites configured by the administrator are automatically available in Sites in the Docs@Work app on the device. If a content site is configured as a Published site, the content is automatically downloaded to the device.

Content sites in Docs@Work fall into three types:

  • Group sites: Group sites are configured by the administrator and automatically pushed to Docs@Work app under Sites. Group sites cannot be deleted by the device user.
  • Published sites: Published sites are Group sites that update automatically and are available for offline use. If there are any changes, content is updated to the latest version at the configured update interval. Published sites can also be manually updated when you pull to refreshtap the sync button. An update notification is also sent, and the Notifications icon is badged.

Published sites cannot be deleted by the device user. Documents in Published sites cannot be edited. Editing for documents in Published sites can only be enabled in Content Security Service.

  • User sites: Device users can also add sites to Docs@Work app under Sites. Sites that a user adds are identified as User sites.

You can check the available details about Group sites, Published sites, and User sites by tapping the Info icon.


When a file or folder is marked as Starred, a shortcut to the file or folder is available in Starred tab.


Docs@Work checks for any updates to the Offline documents on application launch or on a regular interval based on the Docs@Work configurations from the server. All the offline files can be grouped under one header using the group_offline_files = true/false key-value pair.

The files marked as offline are available for offline viewing. The files also remain in the source site folder. They are automatically updated to the latest version when you reconnect.


  1. In Docs@Work iOS app, under the Sites tab select a site for example Box, Dropbox, or SharePoint and so on.
  2. Open the folder and tap on more option (...) menu to mark the files you want to view in offline mode. The following options are displayed:

  3. Enable the Offline option. You can view the offline files under the Offline tab.
  4. Click Cancel to stop the file download.