[email protected] installation on an iOS device (Ivanti EPMM and Ivanti Neurons for MDM)

Device users can install [email protected] from a notification they receive on their iOS device, or from the app catalog on their device.

  • [email protected] for iOS installation from notification: After you send an installation request for [email protected] for iOS, users receive a notification that prompts them to install the new or updated app. By tapping Install, [email protected] for iOS is installed to the device.
  • [email protected] for iOS installation from the app catalog: When a featured app or an update to an installed app is published to device users, those users see a badge that appears on the corresponding tab in the app catalog.
    • The number on the badge indicates the number of apps or updates available. The availability of an update is determined by comparing the version number for the installed app to that of the newly-published app.

    • After importing [email protected] for iOS into the app distribution library, the app appears in [email protected] on the device. Tap the entry for [email protected] and follow the prompts to install the app.