Edit documents in [email protected]

When the device user first tries to edit a document, the device must have access to the Internet. The editor embedded in [email protected] requires a license to activate. When it is first launched, the embedded editor tries to contact a license activation server to get a license. If the device is offline, an error message is displayed to the device user.

If a user tries to view an unsupported file, an error message is displayed.

To edit or annotate, users must download the document to My Files. If the file type is not supported for editing, the edit option will not be available. Online editing is only available with Office Web Apps.

Since Office Web Apps are only supported with SharePoint, [email protected] supports online editing only with SharePoint folders. Office Web Apps must be enabled on the SharePoint server. If Office Web Apps are not enabled, the edit icon will not be available when you tap to view documents.

  1. Tap on the document.
  2. Tap the edit icon.
  3. If you are editing a document directly from a content repository, tap the doc icon.
  4. Tap one of the options presented.
  5. Tap one of the options presented when you exit edit mode.
  • If saving to a different location fails, you will be presented with the option to download the document to My Files.
  • To save an edited document, you must also tap Exit. If you do not Exit from edit mode, changes to the edited document will not be saved.