Extracting files from .zip files

Only .zip compressed files and password protected .zip files are supported. Other types of compressed files, such as gzip, .tar files, are not supported.

Note that .key, .numbers., and .pages files are displayed with a .zip extension in Docs@Work. Also, .key, .numbers, and .pages files with .zip extensions are not supported and cannot be extracted.


  1. Tap on the .zip file.
  2. If the .zip file is in a content repository, the The My Files pop-up window displays. If necessary, you can tap an existing folder or tap Create Folder. Depending on your selection, the files are extracted into My Files, the selected folder, or the newly created folder.
  3. If the .zip file was already in My Files, a pop-up is not displayed. The file is automatically extracted to the same location as the .zip file
    1. Tap Extract Here. (This step is only for a .zip file in a content repository.)
    2. If a password is required, enter the password, then tap Extract.
  4. The .zip file and the extracted files are downloaded directly to My Files or to the folder in My Files that you specified. The files are extracted into a folder with the same name as the .zip file.
  5. If the .zip file contains a single file, a folder is not created for the extracted file.