Other features

Device users can do the following:

  • Track changes in .doc and .docx files.

The native Docs@Work editor allows device users to do the following:

  • View outline in a PDF.
  • View a PDF in full-screen mode in an iPhone: The top navigation bar and the bottom tool bar are hidden in full screen mode. Tap the top of the page to turn full-screen mode on and off.
  • Search within a PDF: Within the Docs@Work app, the users can perform a quick search within documents using keywords or phrases. For example, search for a Name, Address, email address or any other identifier. Users can search by Letter, word, keyword, phrase, partial word, partial phrase, and case sensitive search. Searching is conducted irrespective of formatting, meaning users can search for information in the tables, titles, body text, headers, footers and any other location within a document. Further, the search mode allows users to cycle back and forward between matched searches, with the ability to replace found items with their desired input.

Using Docs@Work app on a non - compliant device

Using a Docs@Work app on a device that is out of compliance or AppConnect policy is not enabled, then the Docs@Work app should be uninstalled and then reinstalled from Apps@Work.