About Ivanti Email+ for Android

Email+ provides secure email, calendar, contacts, and tasks on corporate-owned and personal Android devices by communicating with an ActiveSync server in your enterprise.

Email+ can be downloaded using enterprise PlayStore. Email+ for Android, like all secure apps for Android, can only be distributed as an in-house app. When you distribute Email+, distributing the Secure Apps Manager is required.

You can make Email+ for Android available to device users as an in-house app in the App Catalog in the Ivanti EPMM Admin and Ivanti Neurons for MDM (under Apps > App Catalog > In-House). The device user launches Mobile@Work for Android to discover and install Email+, where it will appear under Secure Apps within the Mobile@Work app.

Email+ for Android is available in two flavors, Android AppConnect, and Android Enterprise.

Ivanti Email+ Android AppConnect

Email+ is available as an Android AppConnect app.

AppConnect feature containerizes apps to protect data on iOS and Android devices. Each AppConnect-wrapped app becomes a secure container whose data is encrypted, and protected from unauthorized access. Because each user has multiple business apps, each app container is also connected to other secure app containers. This connection allows the AppConnect apps to share data, such as documents. AppConnect apps are managed using policies configured in a unified endpoint management (UEM) platform. The UEM platform is either Ivanti EPMM or Ivanti Neurons for MDM.

As an AppConnect app, all Email+ data is secured. The app interacts with other apps according to the data loss prevention policies that you specify. You can also take advantage of AppConnect features such as app authorization and app configuration.

Email+ for Android AppConnect has the following secure features:

  • Secure apps passcode: A secure apps passcode, if you require one, gives device users access to all secure apps. This is the AppConnect passcode, which you define in the UEM platform. The AppConnect passcode provides an additional layer of security for secure apps, beyond the device passcode.
  • Data encryption: AppConnect encrypts all AppConnect-related data on the device, such as Email+ app data, app configurations, and policies. This means app data is secure even if a device is compromised. App data on the device is encrypted using AES-256 encryption. The encryption key is not stored on the device. It is programmatically derived, in part from the device user’s AppConnect passcode, if you require an Appconnect passcode.
  • Data loss prevention: You determine whether device users can take screen captures of protected data. You also determine whether AppConnect apps can access camera photos or gallery images, and whether they can stream media to media players. You can also specify copy/paste restrictions and a web browser policy.
  • Secure apps data deletion: If a device is retired, or a secure app is retired, the secure app’s data is deleted.

For information about AppConnect features and configuration beyond Email+ for Android, see AppConnect for Android App Developers Guide and Ivanti Tunnel for Android Guide.

Ivanti Email+ for Android Enterprise

Email+ for Android Enterprise has the following secure features:

  • Data loss prevention: You determine whether device users can take screen captures of protected data as well as specify if users can copy/paste protected data.
  • Data deletion: App data is removed from a device for any of the following:
    • The device is retired.
    • The app is removed from the label or the app catalog (Ivanti EPMM).
    • Users are removed from app distribution (Ivanti Neurons for MDM).
    • The app is uninstalled from the device.

Ivanti Email+ for AppStation

Email+ is available as an Android AppStation app for Ivanti Neurons for MDM only. AppStation is specifically designed as the UEM client for a MAM-only deployment with Ivanti Neurons for MDM. In a AppStation MAM-only deployment, only apps available through AppStation are managed. The following types of apps are supported:

  • AppConnect apps (wrapped with Secure Apps Manager for AppStation)
  • Non-AppConnect apps (in-house or from the Google Play Store)
  • Device users must have a valid user ID and password to access content sites

Where to find Ivanti Email+ for Android

For the current download location, see the Email+ for Android Release Notes.