Main configuration steps for Email+ for Android AppConnect (Ivanti Neurons for MDM)

Following are the main steps for configuring and deploying Email+ for Android AppConnect on Ivanti Neurons for MDM:

  1. Adding Email+ for Android AppConnect and Secure Apps Manager to Ivanti Neurons for MDM.
  2. Configuring Email+ for Android AppConnect in Ivanti Neurons for MDM.

Adding Email+ for Android AppConnect and Secure Apps Manager to Ivanti Neurons for MDM

You add Email+ in the same manner you would add any other Android in-house app. After adding to Ivanti Neurons for MDM, you can distribute the app to devices.


  1. In the Ivanti Neurons for MDM, go to Apps > App Catalog > +Add > In-House.
  2. Add the app just as you would any in-house app.
  3. After adding the apps, select the distribution option that includes the users and devices to which you want to make Email+ for Android available.
  4. Click Next. If the app is available in the catalog and you are editing the app, click Save.

Next steps 

For details on adding in-house apps for Android, see the Ivanti Neurons for MDM Administrator Guide or click on Help in Ivanti Neurons for MDM.

Configuring Email+ for Android AppConnect in Ivanti Neurons for MDM

The Email+ for Android app configuration contains information such as:

  • The fully qualified domain name and user ID for the ActiveSync server.
  • Certificate information.
  • Key-value pairs that determine the app’s settings and behavior. The configuration contains a set of default key-value pairs that can be edited or deleted. You can also configure additional key-value pairs. The following key-value pairs are required:
    • email_address
    • email_device_id
    • email_exchange_host
    • email_exchange_username

Ivanti, Inc recommends changing to the default values as listed in Change default values to recommended value and Delete recommended default key-value pairs.

Table 3.  Change default values to recommended value


Default value

Recommended value










Table 4.  Delete recommended default key-value pairs


Default value

Recommended action










If you were editing the Email+ app that has already been uploaded to the App Catalog, click on the App Configurations tab to edit the app installation, promotion, and configuration options.


  1. In App Configurations for Email+ select the install options and promotion options.
  2. Click Add to add an Email+ Configuration.
  3. Enter a Name for the configuration.
  4. Click +Add Description, to add text describing the configuration.
  5. In AppConnect Custom Configuration, for email_exchange_host, enter the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the ActiveSync server, or the Standalone Sentry server if you are using a Standalone Sentry.
  6. Add, remove, or edit key-value pairs as necessary.
  7. If setup uses Standalone Sentry and the Standalone Sentry is set up to authenticate devices using identity certificates, enter the following key-value pair in AppConnect Certificate Configuration:




    Select the Identity Certificate setting created for the Certificate Authority certificate for Standalone Sentry. This sets up trust between Sentry and the device.

  8. Click Save.

For descriptions and list of supported key-value pairs, see Key-value pairs for Ivanti Email+ (Android AppConnect).