What users see in Email+ for Android

When users install Email+ for Android, the following apps are available on the home screen:

  • Mail: Enables users to send and receive their corporate email, and manage any sub-folders.
  • Calendar: Enables users to manage and synchronize their corporate calendar data, including meetings and appointments in a daily, monthly, or list view.
  • Contacts: Enables users to manage and synchronize their corporate contacts.
  • Tasks: Enables users to manage, synchronize, and create new tasks.
  • Notes: Enables users to manage, synchronize and create new Exchange notes

When the Email+ app (Android) is installed, the folders and sub-folders are listed in the same order as in mail exchange. If a new folder or sub-folder is added to the exchange, the newly added folder is listed last in the Email+ app and is not listed in the same order as it is in the mail exchange.

User can not open attachments from Compose or Edit screen in Android Enterprise, but can only manage them to add new or remove existing attachment.

Settings is available in each app and allows users to manage settings specific to the app. Users manage their certificates, keys, recognized certificate authorities, S/MIME signing and encryption in Settings in the Mail app.