Additional email accounts

Email+ Android supports additional email accounts on a single device. The administrator can sync all the accounts for which they need to receive mail and calendar notifications. You can have different account settings for additional accounts.

When additional email account is configured, you can switch between accounts in Navigation drawer. The mails from selected email account is displayed on the top of the navigation drawer. The Calendar events for additional accounts are displayed in different colors.

Adding a additional account

In addition to your primary mail account you can configure and customize a secondary account on the same device using key-value pairs. To add and customize the secondary email account, add the prefix acc2_ to a key. The prefix acc2_ indicates that the key-value pair is applied only to the secondary account. Key-value pairs that do not need to be specifically configured for the secondary account are generally applicable to both the primary and secondary accounts.

Configuring additional account for Android AppConnect

The following are account specific key-values pairs supported for additional account for Android AppConnect version:

  • acc2_email_address
  • acc2_email_device_id
  • acc2_email_exchange_host
  • acc2_email_exchange_username

Optional KVPs:

  • acc2_email_password
  • acc2_email_ssl_required
  • acc2_email_trust_all_certificates
  • acc2_email_login_certificate
  • acc2_email_signing_certificate
  • acc2_email_encryption_certificate
  • acc2_email_default_signature
  • acc2_email_max_attachment
  • acc2_email_max_sync_period
  • acc2_email_default_sync_period
  • acc2_eas_min_allowed_auth_mode
  • acc2_prompt_email_password
  • acc2_email_login_certificate_MI_CERT_PW

To remove additional account from your device for Android AppConnect remove the “multiple_accounts” value from “enabled_features”.

Configuring secondary account for Android Enterprise

Email+ supports up to 10 additional accounts for Android Enterprise. After the Email+ 4.9.0 upgrade, when new additional accounts are configured and pushed to the devices then the existing additional accounts are also re-synced.

Ivanti recommends to upgrade Email+ to 4.9.0 on device and then add multiple additonal account in the Email+ config from server.

The following message is displayed on the Email+ app when a new account is configured. This is to inform users that mail, calendar, contacts, notes, tasks for the configured account sync is in progress. Once the sync is completed the message will disappears.

"Email sync in progress. This may take sometime."

To configure additional accounts on Android Enterprise, the following restrictions should be configured in Apps > App Catalog > Configuration > Additional accounts section:

  • Email address
  • Device ID
  • Exchange host
  • Exchange username

Optional Restrictions:

  • Email password
  • Email login certificate
  • Email signing certificate
  • Default signature
  • Max attachment size(Mb)
  • Max sync period
  • Default Network Timeout
  • Authorization Mode

If the Allow unmanaged devices to receive email and data key-value pair is set to False in the Sentry configuration. The Sentry exchange server does not allow the users to log in to the additional email accounts. Ivanti recommends you to enable the Default Unmanagaed Device Behavior configuration when using the additional email account.

Removing secondary account

To remove secondary account from your device:

  • For Android AppConnect remove the “multiple_accounts” value from “enabled_features”.
  • For Android Enterprise remove "multiple_accounts" restriction from “Optional items”.

When there are changes to the existing app restrictions, then the "Update"options is enabled. If there are more than one additional accounts in App configurations, clicking on Update all the accounts will be removed and reset to default primary account only. This issue does not impact if you have only primary account configured.