Configuring personal events calendar

The Email+ Android app now displays personal events calendar on work calendar in read-only mode. All personal Calendars are added to Email+ app. The users can select which calendars they want to be displayed inside the navigation drawer. Different calendars are highlighted in different colors for easy identification.

The personal_events restriction for Android Enterprise is available only when it is configured either in native calendar or an app in Android Enterprise container. Calendar events that are configured in personal space are not displayed on Email+ in Android Enterprise.

The following personal events are supported on Email+ Calendar:

  • Events (Invited/Created)
  • Holidays
  • Birthdays
  • Goals

Reminders (from Google Calendar) and tasks (from Samsung) are not added to events, also no notifications appear for personal events from Email+.

The Overlay personal events option is enabled in general Calendar Settings. It's regulated with check box. When user turns on option for the first time, Email+ displays alert requesting permissions to access calendar data.

The ability to add personal events is enabled by default, however the admin can disable it by adding the value personal_events to disabled_features.