Background email checks and user notifications

Ivanti Email+ relies on iOS background execution to check for new email and to notify users. In the following cases Email+ may not be able to check for new email:

  • To conserve battery power, iOS limits when third-party apps can run in the background. When Email+ is sent to the background, iOS occasionally allows Email+ to check for new email.
  • iOS may terminate Email+ to reclaim memory for other apps. iOS may later decide to launch Email+ for iOS in the background to check email.

When Email+ is in the background and attempts to check email, as an AppConnect app that encrypts its content, Email+ must retrieve its encryption key from the UEM client. This requires an app flip to the UEM client, which cannot happen in the background. As a result, Email+ cannot retrieve the encryption key and therefore cannot verify working hours for notifications or check for new email.

To allow Email+ access to the encryption key even when it is in background, configure the allow_device_keychain key-value pair to allow Email+ to store the key in the device keychain. This allows Email+ to check for new email even when iOS launches it in the background.

The allow_device_keychain key-value pair should only be used with a strong device passcode so as to secure the decryption key.

How Ivanti Email+ for iOS checks for new emails

The following describes how Email+ for iOS checks for new emails.

Table 4.  Checking for new emails

When the ...

Email+ for iOS...


user launches Email+

checks for new email and notifies the user of new email

allows Email+ for iOS to run as usual

app is in the background

occasionally checks for new email and notifies the user, depending on iOS background refresh

might do a periodic background refresh


  • iOS may sometimes terminate an app to preserve battery power or memory. If iOS terminates and then attempts to relaunch Email+ for iOS while the device is locked, then the decryption key is not accessible for reasons of security, and iOS cannot relaunch Email+ for iOS.
  • iOS learns user habits and adjusts its background refresh parameters accordingly. As device users work with Email+ for iOS more frequently, iOS similarly launches Email+ for iOS in the background more frequently.