Configuring Ivanti Web@Work for iOS to open mailto links in Ivanti Email+ for iOS

Administrators can configure Web@Work for iOS to open mailto links in Email+ for iOS using key-value pairs. When device users click a mailto link in Web@Work for iOS, Email+ is automatically used.This feature allows administrators to maintain good security across the organization by ensuring that users go from a secure browser to a secure email application when clicking a mailto link.


  1. Select the Web@Work configuration in your UEM and click Edit.
  2. In the Ivanti EPMM Admin Portal, go to Policies & Configs > Configurations.
  3. In Ivanti Neurons for MDM, go to Apps.
  4. For custom configurations, click Add to add a key-value pair.
    1. Add the key mailto_prefix, and assign any of the following values:
    2. Value

      Value options


      email+app://<Email+ for iOS app>




      Used for launching one of the apps within Email+ for iOS, such as the email app itself, calendar, or contacts.

      email+launcher://<browser URL scheme>


      Sets Email+ as the default app to open mailto links.

  5. Save the configuration.