Crash reporting capabilities

Crashlytics is an enterprise grade service owned by Google and the Crashlytics SDK is embedded in productivity apps. Email+ implements the Crashlytics SDK. This enhancement helps to proactively address issues experienced by end-users.

Crashlytics related features:

  • When an application crashes, the details of the crash are collected and uploaded to Crashlytics servers.
  • The collected data includes OS version, RAM size, disk space, and so on, in addition to crash specific data.
  • PII data is not uploaded to Crashlytics.
  • Each device uses a unique random ID when uploading its crash reports to Crashlytics. This ID is also written to various application specific log files (such as Email+) and allows the engineering team to co-relate crash reports with specific customer provided log files.
  • All data is maintained in the Mobilelron Crashlytics account managed by the engineering team.
  • Disable Crashlytics through the existing key-value pair disable_analytics for iOS Email+.