Main steps for configuring Ivanti Email+ for iOS (Ivanti Neurons for MDM)

You add Ivanti Email+ from the Ivanti Neurons for MDM app catalog, and as part of the setup, you also specify the app configurations.

Following are the main steps for configuring Email+ for iOS on Ivanti Neurons for MDM:

Adding Ivanti Email+ for iOS on Ivanti Neurons for MDM

Email+ for iOS is available in the app catalog in Ivanti Neurons for MDM.


  1. In Ivanti Neurons for MDM, go to Apps > App Catalog > +Add.
  2. In Business Apps, click Email+ (iOS).
  3. Make any updates as necessary and click Next
  4. You can change the category and add a description.
  5. Choose a distribution option for the app and click Next.
  6. Update the default install settings or add install settings as necessary.
  7. Update the promotion settings or add promotion settings as necessary.
  8. For Email+ configuration, click + to add an Email+ configuration.

Next steps 

Configuring Ivanti Email+ for iOS on Ivanti Neurons for MDM

The Email+ configuration provides the type of information that is usually configured in an Exchange setting, such as the fully qualified domain name and user ID for the ActiveSync server, and certificate information. As such, Email+ for iOS does not require an Exchange setting. The configuration for Email+ for iOS also includes the bundle ID for the app and key-value pairs used to configure app settings.

Make sure that only one Email+ for iOS configuration is distributed to a device.

If you make a mistake in the configuration, the app shows a message to the device user indicating an error in configuration.


  1. In the Email+ configuration, enter a name for the configuration.
  2. Configure the Email+ settings as needed.
  3. Add any custom configurations for the app in AppConnect App Configurations.
  4. Add any certificates that are required.
  5. Choose a distribution option for the configuration and click Done.
  6. The configuration is distributed to the subset of the devices to which the app is distributed.