Required components for an Email+ for iOS deployment

The following components are required for an Email+ for iOS deployment:

  • Unified endpoint management (UEM) platform: Ivanti EPMM or Ivanti Neurons for MDM
  • Sentry, with ActiveSync enabled (required if you want to secure access to the ActiveSync server using Sentry)
  • An iOS device that is registered with a UEM
  • Client application: Mobile@Work for Ivanti EPMM deployments, Go for Ivanti Neurons for MDM deployments.

For supported versions see, Email+ for iOS Release Notes.

A device user who launches Email+ for iOS without UEM platform will be running Email+ for iOS as an unsecured standalone app during a 30 day trial.

If a device user has already launched Email+ for iOS as a standalone trial app, the device user must uninstall and reinstall Email+ for iOS to use it as a secure AppConnect-enabled app.