Setting up logging for Email+ for iOS (Ivanti EPMM)

You can troubleshoot user issues with Email+ for iOS by collecting logs and sending them to an email address you can access. You then ask the device user to reproduce the issue so that you can view logging data. You can also diagnose your configuration before rolling out Email+ for iOS to device users.


1. In the Ivanti EPMM Admin Portal, go to Policy & Configs > Configurations and select the AppConnect configuration you created for Email+ for iOS.
2. Click Edit.
3. In the App-specific Configurations section, enter the key allow_logging with value as true.

This allows Email+ for iOS to log data to the device console.

4. Enter the key feedback_email_address with value as a valid email address which you can access.

Email+ for iOS sends the collected log data to the email address entered here.

5. If you are diagnosing a configuration, enter the key allow_show_configuration with value as true.

When set to true, Email+ for iOS shows all configured key-value pairs for diagnostic purposes. Disable this setting after diagnosis is complete.

6. Click Save.
7. Force a check-in on the user’s device to ensure the modified AppConnect app configuration for Email+ for iOS is sent to that device:

a. Go to Users & Devices > Devices.

b. Select the checkbox for the device.

c. Click Actions > Force Device Check-in.

The Force Device Check-In dialog appears.

d. In the dialog, confirm the user and device information and enter a note.

e. Click Force Device Check-in.

The device user will now see a Feedback icon in Email+ for iOS.

8. Ask the device user to reproduce the problematic action and tap the Feedback button.

Email+ for iOS log data will be collected and emailed to the address you provided.

See Key-value pairs for customization Ivanti Email+ for iOS for additional key-value pairs for troubleshooting.