Searching mail in Ivanti Email+ app

Device users can search for mails in the Email+ app in particular folder or complete mailbox. You can preview mail from the search results list. Email+ iOS app supports token based search, you can select suggested token or any other that is automatically generated based on user emails. Type in the name of a sender or other keyword in the search field. The following default search tokens are suggested by the application:

  • Unread Messages
  • Flagged Messages
  • Messages from VIP
  • Messages with Attachments
  • Messages with Calendar Invites

Multiple tokens can be applied to a search.

The following procedure describes how to initiate search for an email in a folder:


  1. In the Email+ app, select a mailbox.
  2. Pull down the screen, search bar is displayed.
  3. Type in the name of a sender or other keyword to in the search field.
  4. By default, search is executed for “All Folders”. The search results view displays two tab and the search is executed by default in the "All Folders" view. The user can switch to "Current Folder" if required.