FilePass for iOS Overview

FilePass enables users to share documents securely between AppConnect apps ([email protected] and Email+) and Microsoft Intune MAM-protected Office 365 apps, while retaining identity coherency. The FilePass app honors Intune App Protection policies just like any app with Intune MAM.

When FilePass is enabled in [email protected] and Email+ configuration, you can share docs between AppConnect apps and Intune-enabled Microsoft Office 365 managed apps such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft OneNote, and so on.

FilePass is an AppConnect and Intune-enabled app, which means that it is containerized to protect the content on iOS devices. As an AppConnect app, all FilePass content is secure.

FilePass translates documents from AppConnect container to Microsoft Intune container and vice-versa.

Where to find FilePass

You can download FilePass for iOS from the Apple App Store. You can also distribute FilePass for iOS as a recommended app through [email protected]

About FilePass for iOS configuration

  • If you are using the Default AppConnect Global Policy, you may not need to create a new policy. If ApConnect Global policy is not used, see the FilePass for iOS Overview section for details.
  • Configuring an AppConnect container policy is required only if you did not select Authorize for Apps without an AppConnect container policy in the AppConnect Global policy.

The Core client ([email protected]) or the Cloud client (Go) must be available on the device and registered with the server before installing the FilePass app.

Required components for FilePass for iOS deployment

  • Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) platform: Core or Cloud.
  • An iOS device that is registered with a UEM.
  • Client: [email protected] for Core deployments; Go for Cloud deployments.
  • [email protected] or Email+ apps.
  • Microsoft Intune apps such as Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft OneNote, and so on.

FilePass is supported on [email protected] from version 2.10.0 and higher and Email from version 3.9.0 and higher.

FilePass tries to access the following URLs during Microsoft Intune enrollment: