Configuring FilePass on Microsoft Intune

To enable sharing of documents between Ivanti apps and Microsoft Intune, enroll FilePass to Microsoft Intune and get App Protection policies. The following steps describe how to create App protection policies for FilePass on Microsoft Intune.


  1. Login as admin to
  2. In the Microsoft Azure portal page, select Home.
  3. Click on See all (+100) to list all the Azure services.
  4. Scroll down to Intune section, or in the All services field search for Intune.
  5. In the Intune section, select Intune App Protection.
  6. In the Client apps page, go to Manage > App protection policies > Create policy.
  7. In the Create policy section, update the following fields with the values mentioned in the table:





Not applicable


Target to all app types

Not applicable



Select required apps > + More apps > Bundle ID

1. Enter the following bundle ID:


2. Click Add

3. Click Select


Data protection > Data Transfer


Data Transfer

Send Org data to other apps

Select Policy managed apps from the drop-down list.

Select apps to exempt

For this option two apps need to be added:

1. Click Select, enter the following:

- For [email protected] deployment, type in:

Name: [email protected]

Value: acextensionsupport

- For Email+ deployment, type in:

Name: Email+

Value: email+launcher

Note: The values are case sensitive.

2. Click OK.

3. Repeat step 1, to add another Exempt app:

Name: ACSchema

Value: appconnect

4. Repeat step 1, to add another Exempt app:

Name: AppStationSchema

Value: alt-appconnect

5. Click OK.

Receive data from other apps

Select All apps with incoming Org data from the drop-down list.

See the Microsoft documentation for details on how to create a new policy.