About Ivanti Go for Android

Ivanti Go for Android securely connects your Android device to your company network so that you can easily access email and other work resources. Ivanti Go works in conjunction with Ivanti Neurons for MDM supported by your company’s IT organization. Please follow the instructions from your IT organization to use this app. Ivanti Go is required to access corporate resources and therefore should not be removed without first consulting your IT organization. Learn about Mobile Device Management (MDM) at Android Device Management.

With Ivanti Go, you can:

  • Easily get access to corporate resources such as email, calendar and contacts on your Android device.
  • Connect automatically to corporate Wi-Fi and VPN networks.
  • Discover and install work related applications on your device wherever you are.
  • Automatically comply with corporate security policies.
  • Locate lost or stolen devices and remotely manage them.

The Sentry Root CA certificate should not be pushed for Android Enterprise devices if the issuer is a publicly trusted Certificate Authority (CA). After certificate renewal, the administrator must edit the Tunnel VPN configuration and save it. The new certificate will then be pushed to the device.