Configuring Report Settings

Monitor offers a variety of reports you can run to better understand your monitored systems.

To configure report settings:


  1. Click Reports.

  2. Click Report Settings.
  3. In the left pane, select the server group for which you want to configure report settings.
  4. Use the ON buttons to turn the associated reports on or off.

Configuring Individual Report Properties

To configure individual report properties:


  1. Access the Report Settings page as described in Configuring Report Settings
  2. Click a report whose setting to configure.

  3. The Individual Report Settings page appears, for example:

  4. Use the report settings fields to configure the report.
  5. Click Save.

Running Reports and Viewing Report History

When the system is data-heavy, it will take time to generate reports. The process runs in the background.

You can click to run the associated report immediately, and to view history for the associated report.