Command Line Interface

The Standalone Sentry command line reference provides commands to configure many features that are also available in the Standalone Sentry System Manager user interface. Many of the CLI commands are the same as the Ivanti EPMM CLI commands, but Standalone Sentry does not support all of those commands.

For information on CLI commands common with Ivanti EPMM, see Ivanti EPMM Command Line Interface (CLI) Reference.

Standalone Sentry CLI also includes commands that are specific to a unified endpoint management (UEM) platform. The UEM platforms are:

  • Ivanti EPMM

  • Ivanti Neurons for MDM

If you execute a UEM platform-specific CLI command in a deployment that does not use that UEM platform, an error message displays.


config# debug sentry check-in

This command is not applicable for the EMM Server


The following CLI commands are specific to Standalone Sentry: