Configuration overview

You configure the initial setup of Standalone Sentry as part of the installation process. Additional Standalone Sentry configuration for ActiveSync, AppTunnel, certificates, and preferences occurs on the UEM. These settings specify how Sentry connects to the UEM, the ActiveSync server, backend resources, and to devices. Standalone Sentry system management occurs on the Sentry System Manager.

Initial setup

Standalone Sentry configurations on Ivanti Neurons for MDM

Standalone Sentry System Manager

Initial setup

Initial setup is part of the Sentry installation process. You configure the Sentry administrator, network setup, including the Sentry IP address and FQDN, as part of the initial setup. For information see the Standalone Sentry Installation Guide.

Before continuing with Sentry configuration using the UEM administrative portal, ensure that you have installed Standalone Sentry.

Standalone Sentry configurations on Ivanti Neurons for MDM

For Standalone Sentry configurations on Ivanti Neurons for MDM, see the following:

Standalone Sentry for ActiveSync Email

Standalone Sentry for AppTunnel

Device and server authentication

Standalone Sentry System Manager

Settings in the System Manager include Standalone Sentry’s host name, network address, interfaces, and routes, the certificate for accessing the Sentry System Manager, and log management.

For more information, see:

Standalone Sentry Settings

Standalone Sentry Security Settings

Standalone Sentry Maintenance Settings