Configuring kernel parameters

To configure kernel parameters, enter the following command in CONFIG mode:

kparam {rp_filter | log_martians | kernel_panic | tcp_sack | tcp_keepalive_time | tcp_keepalive_probes | tcp_keepalive_intvl} [kvalue]


Table 54.   Configuring kernel parameters



Set this value to filter the kernel parameters.

kparam rp_filter [kvalue]

kvalue is 0, 1 or 2.

Set this value to allow any unsigned integer value.

kparam log_martians [kvalue]

kvalue is 0 or 1.

Set this value to allow safe recovery of any kernel malfunction.

kparam kernel_panic [kvalue]

kvalue is an integer equal to or greater than 0.

Set this value to configure TCP SACK.

kparam tcp_sack [kvalue]

kvalue is kvalue is 0 or 1.