Multi-factor authentication configuration for Ivanti Neurons for MDM


Configuration of native email on Ivanti Neurons for MDM for multi-factor authentication


  1. On Sentry 1, configure OAuth. See OAuth for Ivanti Standalone Sentry on Ivanti Neurons for MDM.

  2. On Sentry 2, configure VPN on UEM.

  3. In Safari domain, add the required MS domains and save the settings.

  4. On Sentry 2, configure tunnel services with identity certificate.

  5. Configure Ivanti Tunnel application under Apps Catalog.
    App Tunnel or App-Connect configuration is not required and distribute the configuration.

  6. Register the device with Office 365 user using Go client.

  7. Download the Ivanti Tunnel application and complete the device registration.
    The user is now redirected to MS online to enter the password.

  8. Enter the password.
    The user is now prompted for MFA on the device.