Password policy

Password policy lets you configure complex passwords for Ivanti Standalone Sentry.

Configuring password policy

To configure the settings in the Standalone Sentry System Manager, go to Security > Identity Source.

Before you begin 

Verify that you have added local users for System Manager.


1. On the Security tab, expand Identity Source.
2. Select Password Policy.
3. Configure the password policy for local users appropriately.




Minimum Number of Character Classes in Password

1 to 4. Passwords must contain at least one upper case character, one lower case character, and one numeric character by default.

Lower Case

Enable or Disable

Upper Case

Enable or Disable


Enable or Disable

Special Character

Enable or Disable. Password can contain special characters only from this set "!=({[_:-;~,)}]@#^|$".

Minimum Password Length

Passwords must have at least 6 characters. The length is set to 8 by default.

Maximum Password Length

Password length can extend up to 128 characters. The length is set to 32 by default.

Number of Failed Attempts

Failed password attempts are limited from 1 to 16. The number of attempts is set to 5 by default.

Auto-Lock Time

0-3600 seconds. You can set the time for password auto-lock.

Enforce Passcode History (Last 4 passwords)

Enable or Disable.

4. Click Apply.
5. Click Yes to confirm the change.
6. Click OK to save the password policy configuration.