Monitoring Sentry

The CLI provide commands to monitor and capture additional information about Sentry server. These commands help debug issues in complex deployments. Enter these commands in CONFIG mode.

The monitoring features include enabling, disabling, port change for packet captures, duration of packet captures, monitoring threads percentage, and monitoring trigger time.

Table 60.   Monitoring sentry



Enable Sentry Monitor

debug sentry monitor enable

Disable Sentry Monitor

no debug sentry monitor enable

Port change for packet captures

debug sentry monitor capture port [port_number]

If the port number is not provided, the default port 443 is used.

Duration of packet captures performed during data collection

debug sentry monitor capture time [capture_time]

Capture time is measured in seconds. If capture_time is not provided, the default capture time of 600 seconds is used.

Sentry server is monitored for the number of running threads over the threshold

debug sentry monitor threads percentage [percentage]

If the percentage is not provided, the default value for percentage is 90.

Sentry monitoring triggers a Sentry restart after the configured time.

debug sentry monitor trigger [time_in_ minutes]

If the time is not set, the default time of 600 seconds is used.