Use the Settings > Services > Sentry screen to change the default setting for whether new devices are allowed or not allowed to access the ActiveSync server or backend resource when UEM is inaccessible.

Figure 1. New device access when uem is unreachable

New device access

Use the New device access when EMM server is unreachable setting to allow or block new devices or devices not in the Ivanti Standalone Sentry cache, access to the ActiveSync server or backend resource if UEM is not reachable.

By default Ivanti Standalone Sentry allows new devices access to the server if the UEM is not reachable. In this case, for ActiveSync traffic, the ActiveSync server’s policy is applied to the new device.

Changing the New device access when UEM server is unreachable setting does not restart Ivanti Standalone Sentry.

To block new devices from accessing the server when UEM is unreachable, select Block from the drop down list and click Apply.