Service Diagnosis

You can use the Service Diagnosis page under Troubleshooting to check the health of the following services:




UEM (Ivanti EPMM or Ivanti Neurons for MDM)

Figure 1. Service diagnosis

Click Verify All to recheck the listed services, or click Verify next to a specific service to verify just that service.

Clicking Verify next to the UEM (Ivanti EPMM or Ivanti Neurons for MDM) entry causes Ivanti Standalone Sentry to make another attempt to contact the UEM server. The resulting Message field of the UEM entry indicates whether the server is reachable.

Some reasons that the UEM may not be reachable include:

Network errors.

Actions taken by Technical Support for troubleshooting.

ActiveSync server status

You can check the ActiveSync server status by doing one of the following:

In the Admin Portal, go to Settings > Service Diagnostic.

In the Ivanti Standalone Sentry System Manager, go to Troubleshooting > Service Diagnosis.

The Ivanti Standalone Sentry does not support the Ivanti EPMM version. In this case, although Ivanti EPMM is reachable, it is not compatible with the Ivanti Standalone Sentry.

The Ivanti Standalone Sentry is not configured on any Ivanti EPMM.