Gather Ivanti Standalone Sentry installation setup information

The Ivanti Standalone Sentry installation uses a wizard for an easier process. Before using this wizard, it could be useful to gather the necessary information you will need to input into the wizard. Use the following worksheet to gather this information.

Table 4.  g ather ivanti standalone sentry installation information

Wizard request


Installation types:

Virtual machines, M2600 and other appliances

  • vm-install for installing on a virtual machine

  • hw-install for installing on a physical appliance

  • hw-usb-install for installing on an appliance using USB

M2700 appliance

  • Install Ivanti Standalone Sentry <version> for installing the Ivanti Standalone Sentry ISO

  • Install Ivanti Standalone Sentry <version> from USB for installing on an appliance using USB


Company name


Contact person name


Contact email


Password (must be between 6 and 20 characters)


Administrative user name (do not use root)


Administrator password (must meet security criteria by including numerals and capital letters)


Physical interface to connect to the management network.

a = for GigabitEthernet1

b = for GigabitEthernet2


IP address for the Sentry (associated with the physical interface)


Netmask for use with the IP address (e.g.,


Default gateway for the appliance


Fully-qualified external domain name for the appliance


IP address of the primary name server to be used by the appliance


(Optional) Secondary and tertiary name servers


(Optional) IP address of the primary time source (NTP server) if you are configuring a time source