Overview for installing Standalone Sentry

This guide provides you with the information required to install Standalone Sentry. Standalone Sentry is a component of a Ivanti deployment. A Standalone Sentry deployment requires that you have already installed one of the Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) platforms, Core or Ivanti Neurons for MDM. With input from Core or Ivanti Neurons for MDM, Standalone Sentry does the following:

Standalone Sentry configured for ActiveSync protects the ActiveSync server from wrongful access from devices.

Standalone Sentry configured for AppTunnel provides authenticated apps secure access to the backend resource.

The installation instructions assume that you have already installed either Core or Ivanti Neurons for MDM.

If your deployment uses Core, refer to the On-Premise Installation Guide for your Core version for information about setting up and installing Core. The On-Premise Installation Guide includes information about customer resources, deployment checklists, and firewall rules.

If your deployment uses Ivanti Neurons for MDM, the Setup Wizard takes you through the initial setup. See, online help available with Ivanti Neurons for MDM. Ensure that port 443 inbound is open. See Ivanti Neurons for MDM Architecture and Port Requirements for more information.