Web@Work URL schemes (iOS only)

You can use the following URL schemes to make sure URLs are opened automatically in Web@Work for iOS:

mibrowser:// for HTTP connections

mibrowsers:// for HTTPS connections

mibrowserf:// for full-screen web clips using an HTTP connection

mibrowsersf:// for full-screen web clips using an HTTPS connection

For example, a web page opens automatically in Web@Work when the device user:

taps a link in Safari that uses one of these URL schemes.

taps a web clip that uses one of these URL schemes.

These URL schemes work in web clips only on devices running iOS 6.0 through iOS 8.4.

Because iOS otherwise automatically opens HTTP and HTTPS URLs only in Mobile Safari, the native web browser, using these URL schemes in web clips and web pages for mobile devices can improve the user experience when Web@Work is used for tunneling.

Full-screen web clips in Web@Work for iOS

Full-screen web clips allow web apps to be displayed without the browser UI components, such that their look and feel is similar to native iOS apps. Web@Work for iOS enables the same containerization features in full-screen web clips as it does for other web pages, such as copy/paste restrictions, Open In, encrypted browser data, and so on.

For more information about distributing web apps to iOS devices, see the section “Managing Mobile Apps for iOS” in the Apps@Work Guide