Desktop mode (Android)

Using key-value pairs you can allow device users to request the desktop version of a web page instead of the mobile version.

Use the allow_desktop_mode key-value pair to enable the desktop mode feature.

Some websites have mobile websites that are less useful than their desktop equivalents. By enabling the desktop mode feature, you allow users to choose to view the desktop version of the site on their mobile devices that would otherwise receive only the mobile version of the site.

Device users will see the option, Request desktop site, in the menu for each web page tile.

Rendering is up to the website, and not all sites react to this setting.

Configuring desktop mode

To enable desktop mode:

1. Sign in to the Core Admin Portal.
2. Go to Policies & Configs > Configurations.
3. Select the Web@Work setting that applies to the devices of interest.
4. Click Edit.
5. Under Custom Configurations, click Add.
6. Add the following keys and values:


Value Description


“true” - to enable this feature

“false” - to disable this feature

7. Click Save.
8. Apply this Web@Work configuration to labels that identify the devices that should receive this configuration.