Ignoring warnings from sites with untrusted SSL certificates (Android)

Typically, device users will receive warnings for any websites they attempt to access with untrusted SSL certificates. You can, however, change the default behavior, such that Web@Work will not prompt device users with warnings when browsing sites with untrusted SSL certificates. This is done by configuring one or both of the following key value pairs:

trust_all_certificates: Allows device users to navigate to any website with an untrusted SSL certificate without being prompted by a security warning.

trust_certificates_list: Allows device users to navigate to particular websites with untrusted SSL certificates without being prompted by a security warning.

To enable this feature:

1. Sign in to the Core Admin Portal.
2. Go to Policies & Configs > Configurations.
3. Select the Web@Work setting that applies to the devices of interest.
4. Click Edit.
5. Under Custom Configurations, click Add.
6. Add one or both of the following keys and values:



Value Description


“true” or “yes” - to enable this feature

“false” or “no” - to disable this feature




For each website, enter a fingerprint value in a comma-separated list.

If you set trust_all_certificates to false, while entering a comma-separated list of fingerprints for a number of websites, device users will still receive security warnings for any websites outside the comma-separated list.

7. Click Save.
8. Ensure that this Web@Work configuration is applied to labels that include devices that should receive this configuration.