Secure logout (Android)

You can enable a logout option in the [email protected] menu by using key-value pairs. Set the enable_logout_button key-value pair to “true” to enable the logout button.

Logout securely clears all [email protected] browser data. This is especially important if [email protected] is deployed on a shared device that has multiple users. The logout option is a convenient short-cut for users to clear all personal data after a browser session. By logging out of their [email protected] session, the users be certain that all their data has been securely cleared.

Configuring the logout option

To enable this feature:

1. Sign in to the Core Admin Portal.
2. Go to Policies & Configs > Configurations.
3. Select the [email protected] setting that applies to the devices of interest.
4. Click Edit.
5. Under Custom Configurations, click Add.
6. Add the following keys and values:


Value Description


“true” - to enable this feature

“false” - to disable this feature

7. Click Save.
8. Apply this [email protected] configuration to labels that identify the devices that should receive this configuration.