What the users see in Web@Work for Android

When users launch We@Work for Android, they can access the following from the browsers screen:

  • Back and forward arrows: Navigates through the browsed web pages. This option works if you have previously browsed some web page.
  • Bookmarks: The bookmarks option, displays bookmarks if configured by admin on VSP.
  • Opened tabs view
  • Star icon: Bookmarks a web page by using this option. This option is enabled only of you have configured the bookmarks option.
  • + icon: Opens a new tab.
  • Settings: The following options are available:




The refresh option, refreshes the browser to show most updated version of the web page you are viewing.


Displays the bookmarked the web pages that you want to use frequently.


The history option clears the browsing history.


You can clear user sensitive such as:

  • Cache: Clears the cache.
  • History: Displays the browsing history.
  • Cookies and Data: Clears the cookies and the browsing date and also closes all the open tabs.
  • Auto-fill form data: Saves data such as you name, address, contact information, and email address. When filling any form the auto-fill options saves time and automatically fills the required information. You can clear the auto-fill data.
  • Password: Saves passwords for different accounts. You can clear the stored passwords.
  • Location access
  • Camera access


The About options lists the following information about the Web@Work app:

  • Web@Work version
  • Chromium version
  • Build time
  • Build number
  • Licenses

Request desktop site

Enables desktop version of the site. This option is visible in settings only if the required key value pair are applied.


Clears all user sensitive data. This option is visible in settings only if the required key value pair are applied.