Additional setup steps

The following are optional steps that you can do to further refine the security and access that [email protected] provides.

Compliance actions and security policy

[email protected] is an AppConnect app, and all AppConnect apps are affected by the security policy. You can define the conditions that cause a device to be out of compliance, and configure the security policy to respond to the conditions.

For example, you can create a compliance action that blocks [email protected] from accessing websites that use AppTunnel. If the device becomes non-compliant, the security policy will initiate the compliance action. Compliance actions can also delete (wipe) all [email protected] sensitive data and close its tabs.

For more information, see “Working with security policies” in the Ivanti EPMM Device Management Guide specific to your operating system.

Web content filters (iOS only)

Starting with iOS 7, supervised iOS devices support web content filtering. You can set up web content filters to block and allow websites according to your enterprise requirements.

See “Web content filter settings” in the Ivanti EPMM Device Management Guide for iOS and macOS Devices.