AppConnect and non-AppConnect modes for [email protected] for iOS

[email protected] for iOS can operate in one of two modes:

  • AppConnect mode, where the app is managed by Ivanti EPMM
  • non-AppConnect mode (or “standalone” mode), where the app is not managed by Ivanti EPMM

For [email protected] to be in AppConnect mode, the following conditions must be met:

  • The device must have [email protected] installed and must be registered to Ivanti EPMM when [email protected] is launched for the first time.
  • On Ivanti EPMM, the “Authorize Apps without an AppConnect container policy” option must be selected (checked) in the AppConnect global policy, or there must be a valid AppConnect container policy.

When [email protected] is already installed on the device and registered to Ivanti EPMM, installing or updating [email protected] from the App Store puts [email protected] into AppConnect mode when [email protected] is launched for the first time.

[email protected] will be in a non-AppConnect, unmanaged mode if:

  • [email protected] is installed and launched before the device is registered with Ivanti EPMM

[email protected] installed in this manner always remains in non-AppConnect mode (unmanaged by Ivanti, Inc), even if you later install [email protected] on the device.

Verifying that [email protected] for iOS is running as an AppConnect app

To determine whether [email protected] for iOS is operating as an AppConnect-enabled app or a non-AppConnect app:

  1. In [email protected] on the iOS device, tap the Settings icon.
  2. Tap About.
  3. Check the value of the AppConnect setting, which indicates if AppConnect is “enabled “or “disabled”.

To change [email protected] mode to AppConnect mode

The only way to change the [email protected] mode from AppConnect disabled to AppConnect enabled is to remove and reinstall [email protected]:

  1. Remove [email protected] from the device.
  2. Install [email protected] for iOS and register the device with Ivanti EPMM.
  3. Reinstall and launch [email protected]

if [email protected] is launched for the first time when there is no AppConnect container policy and “Apps without an AppConnect container policy” is not selected in the Authorize checkbox of the AppConnect Global Policy, [email protected] enters standalone mode and is not blocked with the “app is unauthorized” error message.