Chromium HTTP library (iOS)

[email protected] for iOS supports the use of the Chromium HTTP library in addition to the default Safari HTTP library. The Chromium HTTP library is open source and provides full support for accessing web sites that use NT LAN Manager (NTLM). You use key-value pairs to enable Chromium HTTP library support.

Enabling the Chromium HTTP library also requires a Standalone Sentry configured for AppTunnel. Enabling the Chromium HTTP library involves the following:

1. Configuring an AppTunnel service
2. Configuring AppTunnel rules for [email protected] for iOS
3. Adding the MI_AC_ENABLE_CHROMIUM key value pair

Configuring an AppTunnel service

To configure AppTunnel for [email protected]:

1. In the Ivanti EPMM Admin Portal, go to Services > Sentry.
2. Click the Edit button next to the Standalone Sentry enabled app tunneling.
3. Scroll down to AppTunnel Configuration.
4. Add a new AppTunnel service by clicking +.
5. Select <TCP_ANY> to allow Advanced AppTunnel (TCP tunneling) to any backend server that the app requests.
6. Select the Pass Through authentication scheme, which the Standalone Sentry will use to authenticate the user to the app server.

The Sentry passes through the authentication credentials, such as the user ID and password (basic authentication) or NTLM, to the app server.

7. Click Save.

Configuring AppTunnel rules for [email protected] for iOS

To configure AppTunnel rules for [email protected]:

1. In the Ivanti EPMM Admin Portal, go to Policies & Configs > Configurations.
2. Select the [email protected] configuration for iOS, and click Edit.
3. In the AppTunnel Rules section, click Add+.
4. Select a Sentry configured for AppTunnel from the drop-down list.
5. From the Service dropdown list, select <TCP_ANY>.

This service name specifies an AppTunnel service configured in the AppTunnel Configuration section of the specified Sentry.

6. For the URL Wildcard, enter *.*.
7. From the Identity Certificate dropdown list, select the Certificate Enrollment setting you created for AppTunnel.

Adding the MI_AC_ENABLE_CHROMIUM key value pair

To enable the Chromium HTTP library:

1. Scroll down to Custom Configurations.
2. Click Add to add a key-value pair.
3. Enter the key MI_AC_ENABLE_CHROMIUM.
4. For the value, enter yes.
5. Click Save.

Verifying that Chromium HTTP library is enabled

Use the logs to confirm the Chromium HTTP library is enabled. MIURLConnection should appear in the logs if the Chromium HTTP library has been successfully enabled.