What the users see in Ivanti Web@Work for iOS

When users launch Web@Work for iOS, they can access the following from the browsers screen:

  • Back and forward arrows: Navigates through the browsed web pages. This option works if you have browsed some web page.
  • Options menu: The following options are available when you click the options menu.




Copies the web browser.


Sends mail to share the web page through email. You should have a configured email account.


Sends the link to the web page through a text message.


Prints the active browser page.


Bookmarks a web page by using this option. This option is enabled only if you have configured the bookmarks option.


Minimizes the options menu.

  • Bookmarks: The bookmarks option, displays bookmarks if configured by administrators on the Ìvanti EPMM.
  • + icon: Opens a new tab.
  • Settings: The following options are available:




The About options lists the following information about the Web@Work app:

  • Version
  • AppConnect status
  • Open Source Licenses




You can clear user sensitive such as:

  • Clear History: Displays the browsing history.
  • Clear Cookies and Data: Clears the cookies and the browsing date.

Passwords & Autofill

  • Enable Auto-fill: Saves data such as your name, address, contact information, and email address. When filling any form, the auto-fill options saves time and automatically fills the required information. You can clear the auto-fill data.
  • Prompt to save password: Saves passwords for different accounts.
  • Clear Passwords: Clears the stored passwords.

Set Homepage

Enter the URL that you want set as a default home page.

Clear Homepage: The configured homepage is removed and blank tab is opened.