Locking AppConnect iOS apps when screen is locked

You can lock device users out of AppConnect apps when the device screen is turned due to either inactivity or user action. When locked out of AppConnect apps, the device user must re-enter the AppConnect passcode (or fingerprint) to access AppConnect apps. Locking AppConnect apps when the screen is turned off provides added security to the device. Reasons for the screen turning off include:

The device user manually turning off the screen, but not locking it. When the screen is off but not locked, the device user can turn on the screen without entering any credentials, such as the device password or fingerprint.

The device user manually locking the screen.

The device’s automatic lock timeout expires, as set in the device’s settings.

Select LockAppConnectContainerOnDeviceLock option in Ivanti EPMM Enable the lock, this option is unchecked by default