Custom Device Enrollment

Get MDM profile

Applicable to iOS 13.0 and macOS 10.15 and later versions as supported by Ivanti Neurons for MDM. You use this call when interacting with a custom device enrollment web page. See the section "Adding a custom Device Enrollment web page" on the Admin > Device Enrollment page of the Ivanti Neurons for MDM online help for complete details. The link leads you to the Ivanti Neurons for MDM 72 online help. You can replace the 72 with the latest version number of Ivanti Neurons for MDM to access the most up to date help system.


This call requires Tenant Admin credentials.

HTTP method


Request URI

/c/i/dep/custom.mobileconfig?user=[email protected]

Required header

x-apple-aspen-deviceinfo: Should contain value of the x-apple-aspen-deviceinfo header sent by the device to the custom enrollment endpoint.

Example request

https://[Ivanti Neurons for MDM]/c/i/dep/[email protected]


The response is a .mobileconfig file which is used for registration.