Assigning users to Developer and App Owner roles

After the app is created in the Ivanti incapptic Connect system you can assign users to the roles of Developer and App Owner.


  1. From the Ivanti incapptic Connect Users page, click user to open the User Information page.

    1. You can view the user information and check if the user status is active or deactivated. Select the Mute notifications check box.

    2. Click Delete user to delete the user from Apps.

    3. Click the Send reset password link to reset the password.

    4. Click Save if you want to edit user information and save the changes.

  2. Click Generate token to generate a new API token.

  3. Scroll down to Assigned Roles and click Add (or Edit, if roles have already been assigned). The Available roles menu opens.

    1. For each Global option, you can enable (green check) or disable it (red X).

    2. For each Application option, you can click the gear icon to select from the roles available for that application.

    3. Click Close to save your role changes.

  4. Scroll down to view the failed login attempts.

Tip If the person you want to assign is not yet in the users list, you can invite them. They will receive an invitation to the Ivanti incapptic Connect system and the app will be assigned to them with the role of Developer.