In Ivanti incapptic Connect, from the top menu click Administration to open the Targets page.

Creating a new Target

You can create targets from the Ivanti incapptic Connect.


  1. From the Targets page, click an app. The Targets detail page opens.

  2. Click Edit Target. The Edit Target page opens.

    1. When editing target details, you can also choose the options for iOS enabled and Should connect to iTunes features.

    2. Click Save Target.

    3. Click Delete Target to delete the target that is associated with any apps.

  3. Click + New Target. The Select Target Type menu opens.

  4. Click the drop-down icon to open the list of target types. You can select the target. Click Next.

  5. The Add Ivanti Target opens. Enter the target type and name of the target. You can also choose the options for iOS enabled and Andriod enabled features.

  6. Click Save Target.