About Ivanti incapptic Connect

The Ivanti incapptic Connect App Release Management (ARM) solution simplifies the cumbersome process of publishing and updating internally- and externally-developed mobile apps. We make it easy to develop, publish, and update secure mobile apps.

We provide an automated app distribution model that provides a complete app lifecycle solution. Custom app use cases include service, field staff management, sales, dashboards for management, and more. Our integrated solution streamlines the app development process, so new applications can be easily and quickly deployed to end users in just a few clicks. Development errors and bugs can be identified and fixed before being published to an app store, which reduces delays caused by app release rework. As a result, organizations can reduce app development costs while accelerating app deployment and business innovation.

Cumulative release notes

The incapptic Connect release notes are cumulative, and when viewing them online, you will have access to prior release information.