Known issues

These are cumulative release notes. If a release does not appear in this section, then there were no associated known issues.

1.44.0 Known issues

  • CON-3736: After you create and publish a new app and new app version in the App Store, there might be a considerable lag on behalf of Apple App Store Connect in processing the build, especially if you also upload screenshots or other items. This lag causes App Store Connect to fail. In addition, after 10 tries, incapptic Connect times-out, and displays a publishing status of Failed. Subsequently, incapptic Connect displays a message that explains the actions you can take.
    Workaround: Follow the instructions in the message: App Store Connect has not finished processing the build. Wait approximately 30 minutes and press 'Re-Upload to App Store Connect' (on the incapptic DEV Connect page) to complete the process. If this error occurs again, repeat this step - sometimes it may take a while for App Store Connect to process the build.

  • CON-3715: When you configure an app's game-center entitlement in IPA, then you try to sign the app in incapptic Connect, the signing fails with this error message: Unexpected FastlaneError: missing argument: --game-center.
    Workaround: Configure the app's game-center entitlement in the Developer portal, then sign the app in incapptic Connect.