Resolved issues

These are cumulative release notes. If a release does not appear in this section, then there were no associated resolved issues.

1.44.0 Resolved issues

  • CON-163066: In a previous releases, when you uploaded an iOS application to Microsoft Intune, the iOS application was not published because there was a change to an API specification in Intune. In this release, when you publish the app, the app status erroneously displays as Published - Not Available in the Target. However, the app is actually published and available at the target, but the app status is only updated after the daily synchronization.

  • CON-163065: In previous releases, in the User Information page, the Assign Role popup was missing a scroller and the Close button was not visible. In the current release, a scroller is available and the Close button is visible.

  • CON-163032: In previous releases, when you created a new app version on incapptic Connect, then chose Manual as the Version Release value, the Version Release value in the App Store did not change to Manual too, as expected. In this release, the Version Release value in the App Store is consistent with the selected Version Release value in incapptic Connect.

  • CON-3757: In previous releases, when you created a new iOS app, then created a new version of the app and submitted it, the app failed. In this release, a new button was added (Retry App Resigning) to re-sign the app and the app no longer fails.

  • CON-3753: In previous releases, the Description field value in the Extended App report - CSV export was incorrectly formatted. In this release, the report is formatted correctly. -

  • CON-3742: In previous releases, permissions for the retire and delete apps could only be configured together. In this release, these permissions can be configured separately. *

  • CON-3739: In previous releases, after you created an app and tried to assign a user to it, you could not search for the user's name using an email address. In this release, you can search by the user's email address. Searching in this way makes it easier to find the correct user if there are users who have the same name but different emails. *

  • CON-3709: In previous releases, incapptic Connect occasionally failed to re-sign Android App Bundle (AAB) files. In this release, the files are re-signed correctly. *

  • CON-3606: In previous releases, if publishing an app failed, Workspace ONE would incorrectly display the app status as Published. In this release, the correct app status is displayed.

  • CON-3390: In previous releases, when a local user had an email address that included capital letters, its associated SSO user email did not include the capitalized letters. In this release, the SSO email retains the capital letters.

  • CON-2827: In previous releases, the Show changes from previous version request sometimes displayed incorrect data for some fields. In this release, the data displays correctly. *

  • CON-2350: In previous releases, the enabling data protection entitlement was not functioning correctly. In this release, the entitlement is fully supported. *