Resolved issues

These are cumulative release notes. If a release does not appear in this section, then there were no associated resolved issues.

1.45.0 Resolved issues

  • CON-163064: The Status column in the user report spreadsheet was misleading for deactivated users. It is now consistent with the UI.
  • CON-3444: The approval text message displayed when owner approval is required for publishing can now be configured in the Configurable Settings from the admin panel.
  • CON-163104: Zimperium scans can now run on android applications with aab binary files. A consolidated report with the results of the scan are available in the app version details under the 3rd party audits section.

  • CON 2842: From now on, a correct message is displayed when publishing fails for Airwatch.

  • CON-2956: The message displayed after binary uploads through the API now directs users to check the audit logs and app logs.

  • CON-163115: Ivanti's privacy policy and End User License Agreement have been added to the Help and Support section in the navbar. The EULA document that users need to accept has been updated.